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72 Lead Deluxe Drawing Set

72 Lead Deluxe Drawing Set

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Our newest product, 63 colors plus a range of graphite! Nothing else like this out there! 

Set Includes:

- Custom dyed, cut, sewn, and waxed canvas case with a liner, quad-stitched strap, and carabiner for easy carrying.
- 63 Artist-quality pigment leads resistant to breaking, ensuring rich pigment and detail.
- Set of 9 2.0mm graphite lead range (4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H) with color labeling.
- Compact lead cases with a color key label for quick selection.
- Incense Cedar lead holder for durability and sustainability, maintaining sharp lead.
- Lead sharpener with efficient design, catching shavings and protection.
- Two-compound eraser offering delicate or intensive erasing options.
- DIY color chart for precise color referencing.
- Optional custom laser engraving available for $5.

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