Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your products for kids, and if so what age is recommended?

Yes, kids are one of the main reasons we make our products! Having the ability to create anywhere is so important in a culture of screens and consuming. Our products also make GREAT GIFTS for that developing artist!

We usually say 8-10 years old is an appropriate age when kids can start using our products. Crayons work great before that. But with each set of our 36 Colored Pencil Set, for instance, we offer one free tube of 8 colored leads shipped to you for those first few broken colors as they learn to use them! We also have a very helpful User Guide video.

2. What are your return and refund and refund policies?

If you receive your products and there is anything wrong with them or the shipment was incorrect, please reach out to us through any of the ways listed on the Contact Us page and let us know. We will do everything we can to correct the mistake as quickly as possible.

Returns for reasons outside of our control will be refunded upon receipt of products in new condition, and are returned at purchasers expense (hey, we ship 'em out for free).

3. Do your products come with warranties?

Yes, we warranty our products FOR LIFE. In fact, if they fall apart or wear out, simply contact us and tell us what's up and we will make sure you are back creating as fast as possible!

Our warranties do not cover the wearing out or breaking of artist mediums due to normal use. For example leads, colored leads, marker tips, erasers, etc... We do however offer one free refill tube of 8 colored leads to verified purchasers to offset the learning curve of using them.

4. I'm artist, do you guys ever have brand ambassadors or influencers and how can I become one if interested?

Yes, we do from time to time work with artists to represent our brand as well as help us develop products and offer valuable feedback! Email hey@withofficial.com if you are interested. Please include relevant social media info and/or work examples for consideration. Thank you!