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The Grayscale set

The Grayscale set

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Everything you need to work in grayscale, Including the only 2.0mm graphite lead range with color-labeling so you know which lead is which! Made by artists in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this set includes:

  • Custom dyed, cut, sewn, and waxed canvas case made right here by us with a liner, quad stitched strap and included carabiner to stuff in your pack or hang out in the open proudly.
  • Artist quality Graphite lead range 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H with industry first color labeling on the back of the lead so you can keep them straight. The softer the graphite the more leads we include to account for use. Nine leads total, -the equivalent of 9 pencils in a fraction of the space!
  • Compact lead case uniquely designed and made by us, this case displays the graphite leads for use with a color key label matching the coding on the back of the leads. Easy to use and change leads!
  • Custom color dipped incense cedar lead holder. Using normal pencils takes up a lot of space, not to  mention all the wood that just gets shaved down and tossed. This wood pencil will never need to be shaved down and will last for years. Say goodbye to working with nubs and hello to saving trees!
  • 0.1mm fine tip pigment marker. Rich black pigment that's waterproof when dry. This marker makes excellent fine lines and lasts a long time. Use it to sketch, stipple, crosshatch, and with  your color medium of choice. Your new favorite fine point marker!
  • Brush tip pigment marker. From thin wispy lines to wide rich black strokes and everything in between. This brush tip is so satisfying to use. The brush is a super soft felt material that will lay pigment down with great control.
  • 1.0mm black ink ballpoint pen. A standard for many professional artists, this workhorse is long lasting, waterproof, simple, and solid. Some of the most beautiful sketchbook art in the world is done with this pen. 
  • Lead sharpener. Small yet incredibly slick, this sharpener works as you twist back and forth to create the perfect point while catching the shavings and protecting your work
  • Two-compound eraser. Delicate erasing on one side and more intense on the other for whichever you need. Plus it just looks good in The Grayscale set!
  • Optional custom laser engraving on opposite side of pencil from Logo (+$5)
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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Swem
Perfect Camping Addition!

Love using this set and my full color set! Such awesome products. It was the perfect addition to my camping gear!! Light weight and compact and allowed me to draw right on the side of a river bank.